I managed the development of the following videos and their accompanying webpages. I designed and edited each of these products to tell stories about suicide prevention, outline effective suicide prevention strategies, and inspire our constituents working in the field.

Upstream Suicide Prevention

In this five-minute story, I interview Heather Spada from United Way of Connecticut about her state’s effort to create and implement an upstream suicide prevention curriculum in elementary schools.

Transforming Tribal Communities

This video series, which I edited from previously recorded webinars, outlines relevant suicide prevention strategies that are endorsed by tribal community members and draw on community strengths.

Substance Abuse and Suicide

In this four-minute story, I interview Barri Faucett of Prevent Suicide West Virginia. She describes a statewide initiative to integrate West Virginia’s substance abuse and suicide prevention efforts.

Strategic Communication Planning

These five-to-six-minute webinar clips feature expert advice on developing a communication plan, understanding the audience, and evaluating efforts. Each video has a free, downloadable worksheet to help the audience put these skills into practice.


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